Woodland Garden

woodland garden site plan

Our client hired us to design and construct a more intimate and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space compared to their existing space.  The existing entertaining space consisted of a vast exposed aggregate concrete slab that extended the entire length of the northern side of the house. It was not a welcoming space and did not speak to the aesthetics of their beautiful home.  We decided to remove the entire concrete slab and walkway and replace the large impermeable surfaces with an intimate woodland garden and small gathering area for entertaining.  An existing soapstone patio on the opposite side of the home was the inspiration for using soapstone throughout the garden path and gathering spaces.  We wanted to keep within the context of the original materials used in the landscape when the house was constructed.  Custom soapstone edging details were used to define the compacted gravel path and gathering space.  A concrete fire bowl on a soapstone slab base is the focal point of the gathering space.  Most of the plantings chosen for this garden are woodland natives that thrive in the part sun/part shade site conditions.  Enjoy the below images that show some of our process for how this project was implemented.